Brother Dunford


Foundations of the Restoration Podcast Class

Introduction to the Class


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Classes in this Series:

Class #1: We Know Who We Worship

Class #2: The Role of the Book of Mormon in the Restoration

Class #3: Claim You Priviledges in the Priesthood

Class #4: The Priesthood in the Church vs. the Priesthood in the Home

Class #5: Gold, Clay, and the Prophet

Class #6: The Restored Church: Building the City of Zion

Class #7: The Church and the Abrahamic Covenant

Class #8: Missionary Work

Class #9: The Purpose of Temples

Class #10: Temple Symbols; Part 1

Class #11: Temple Symbols; Part 2

Class #12: The Doctrine & Covenants

Class #13: The Word of Wisdom; Part 1

Class #14: The Word of Wisdom; Part 2

Class #15: Joseph the Seer