Brother Dunford

Summer 2024

Book of Mormon Patterns:
How do I Prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?


Course Overview:

In the scriptures, the Lord emphasizes what is most important by repetition and patterns. Frequently, the best way to understand what WILL happen is to understand what HAS happened. Numerous episodes in the Book of Mormon are patterns of what will occur in our day. As such, the Book of Mormon provides the best preparation for our future: the second coming of Christ.


Brother Bryce Dunford
801-910-1832 (cell)


Class Details:

Thursday Nights
6:00 - 6:50 p.m.
Room 101
May 16 - Aug 1, 2024



What to Expect:

Brother Dunford's style is mostly presentation. His goal is to cover a breadth and depth of the scriptures that you have not seen; such that you walk away from class each day saying, "I've never made that connection before!"

Participation by students is voluntary and appreciated, but not expected. You will never be called upon to speak, but if you raise your hand, your response will be welcomed and your insight valued.

This course is quite fluid. Brother Dunford will bring a suggested outline of topics to discuss, but that outline can and will be adjusted to meet the needs and desires of the class. Students are encouraged to suggest topics they would like discussed.


Ways to Participate:

Class attendance:



Credit in this class is "opt-in." Please inform Brother Dunford that you are taking this class for credit and discuss options for the Reading and Elevate Learning requirements. Otherwise it will be assumed that you are taking the class for personal enjoyment. To recieve credit:

  1. Attend or listen to 75% of the classes held.
  2. Read something of your choice that will improve your understanding of and your appreciation of a topic associated with the Book of Mormon and the second coming of Christ. It should be require approxamately 30 minutes per week. Please send me a summary at the end of the class.
  3. Complete an Elevate Learning Option.