Brother Dunford

Fall 2022

The Gospel & Mental and Emotional Health; 390r-97



Class #6 - September 27, 2022
Share Your Story


Thought Question: What would you tell someone that is suffering in silence about the power of sharing their story?




Class #5 - September 21, 2022
Recognize Doubtful Disputations


Thought Question: What are a few doubtful disputations that are causing guilt in your life? What will you do to take the burden off your shoulders?




Class #4 - September 14, 2022
Remove the Tares


Thought Question: What will you do to better recognize if a tare or if a story you are telling yourslef needs to be removed from your life?




Class #3 - September 7, 2022
Lift a Burden by Understanding Grace for Grace


Thought Question: What difference does an understanding of Grace for Grace make in your life?




Class #2 - August 31, 2022
Grant Yourself a Probationary State


Thought Question: How will you convincing yourself to grant yourself a probationary state? What difference will it make in your life if you so do?




Class #1 - August 24, 2022
Understand the Connection Between Body and Spirit


Thought Question: In your life, what is the most impactful thing you do to take better care of your physical body? What impact does it have on your mental or emotional state?