Brother Dunford

Fall 2022

Symbolism & Covenants; 399r-5



Class #13 - October 5, 2022
Compass & Square


Thought Question: What significance do you see in either the compass or the square?




Class #12 - October 3, 2022
Seeing Others through the Veil


Thought Question: What would you see in others if you viewed them "through" Christ?




Class #11 - September 28, 2022
Circles and White Clothing


Thought Question: What do circles have to do with eliminating pride?




Class #10 - September 26, 2022
The Cup


Thought Question: What significance does the sacrament cup have for you?




Class #9 - September 21, 2022
Kill the Animal Inside You


Thought Question: Why must we kill the animal inside us? How are you doing so?




Class #8 - September 19, 2022
The Bride & the Whore


Thought Question: How does the bride "make herself ready"? What does that look like in your life?




Class #7 - September 14, 2022
Fatherhood and Coverings


Thought Question: How have you fathers covered you?




Class #6 - September 12, 2022
My Rib


Thought Question: What do you see in the symbolism of your rib that helps you understand how to be a better spouse?




Class #5 - September 7, 2022


Thought Question: What insight to you gain into the Atonment of Christ when He compares it to a mother giving birth?




Class #4 - August 31, 2022
Cross & Nail


Thought Question: How does the "nail in a sure place" (Isaiah 22:23) make a difference in your life?




Class #3 - August 29, 2022
How is Jesus Like a Tree?


Thought Question: How did this discussion impact your study of symbols?




Class #2 - August 24, 2022
Helps to Better Understand Symbolism


Thought Question: What have you "seen" in a gospel symbol that is significant to you? How do you "liken" it to yourself?




Class #1 - August 22, 2022
Intro to Symbolism & Covenants


Thought Question: What signifincance do you now see in the token of an ordinance?