Brother Dunford

Spring 2022

Foundations of the Restoration; 225-90



Class #14 - April 27, 2022
Blacks & the Priesthood


Thought Question: What conclusions have you come to regarding blacks and the priesthood?




Class #13 - April 20, 2022
Succession in the Presidency


Thought Question: How have you experienced the mantle of one prophet falling on to another?




Class #12 - April 13, 2022
Plural Marriage


Thought Question: What conclusions have you come to regarding plural marriage?




Class #11 - April 6, 2022
The Restoration of the Temple; Part 2


Thought Question: What significance do you see in a symbol associated with the temple?




Class #10 - March 30, 2022
The Restoration of the Temple; Part 1


Thought Question: What do you consider the greatest blessing of the temple? Why?




Class #9 - March 16, 2022
The Word of Wisdom


Thought Question: What parts of the principle of the Word of Wisdom would life you most? Why do you think so? What Mahan conspiracy worries you the most? Why?




Class #8 - March 2, 2022
Restoration of Law; Part 2


Thought Question: Which of these modern-day commandments impressed you most? Why?




Class #7 - February 23, 2022
Restoration of Law; Part 1


Thought Question: How could you live the Law of Consecration today?




Class #6 - February 16, 2022
Foundation #4: The Church's Purpose: Zion


Thought Question: What do you think is holding the Church back from being prepared to build the city of Zion?




Class #5 - February 9, 2022
Foundation #4: The Church Restored


Thought Question: Share an experience with a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator that has required patience and faith. In that situation, what is the balance between the ideal and the real?




Class #4 - February 2, 2022
Foundation #3: Restoration of Priesthood


Elder Oaks, "Priesthood Authority in the Family and the Church," Oct. 2005.

Elder Oaks, "The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood," Apr. 2014.

Thought Question: Of the truths discussed tonigh, which is most significant to you? Why?




Class #3 - January 26, 2022
Foundation #2: Restoration of Truth


Lectures of Faith

The Sermon in the Grove

The King Follett Discourse

The Father and the Son

Thought Question: In your life, who do justification and sanctification work to help you grow toward exaltation?




Class #2 - January 19, 2022
Foundation #1: God and the Godhead


Thought Question: What do you now recognize is revelation that perhaps you have not acknowledged before?




Class #1 - January 12, 2022
The Tree in our Day and Blinders


Thought Question: Who took the blinders off of you long enough to help you grab the true rod of iron? What affect did that have on you?