Brother Dunford

Spring 2022

The Gospel & Mental and Emotional Health; 390r-96



Class #8 - March 2, 2022
You Are Not a Tare


Thought Question: What could you do to have an "Alma 29:9 moment"?




Class #7 - February 23, 2022
Let Him In by Choosing to Have Hope


Thought Question: What are you going to do to have more hope?




Class #6 - February 16, 2022
Share Your Story


Thought Question: How have you been blessed by sharing your story?




Class #5 - February 9, 2022
Doubtful Disputations


Thought Question: What burden have you carried that you now realize is the result of a doubtful disputation? What are you going to do to free yourself of the burden?




Class #4 - February 2, 2022
Heed Them Not / Change Your Story


Thought Question: Share a time that you changed your story from a "tare" to "wheat". What impact did that have on you?




Class #3 - January 26, 2022
Grace for Grace


Thought Question: Why does understanding the process of growing grace for grace bring you a sense of relief?




Class #2 - January 19, 2022
Grant Yourself a Probationary State


Thought Question: How are you going to grant yourself a probationary state?




Class #1 - January 12, 2022
The Soul of Man and Low-hanging Fruit


Thought Question: What is your most benefial "low hanging fruit"? Which one is the greatest challenge for you? Why?