Brother Dunford

Summer 2022

The Gospel & Mental and Emotional Health; 390ra-98



Class #5 - July 20, 2022
Share Your Story


Thought Question: How has/might sharing your story been/be healing to you?




Class #4 - July 13, 2022
Remove the Tares


Thought Question: Are there tares in your live that are poisoning you? Are they people or the stories you tell yourself about them? What are you going to do to remove the tares?




Class #3 - July 6, 2022
Lift a Burden by Understand Grace for Grace


Thought Question: What difference does an understanding of "grace for grace" make in your life? What evidence do you have that you have grown in light?




Class #2 - June 29, 2022
Grant Yourself a Probationary State


Thought Question: Why do you think it is common for good people to not grant themselves a probationary state? What can you do to make sure you do so?




Class #1 - June 22, 2022
Understand the Connection Between Body and Spirit


Thought Question: In your life, what is the most impactful thing you do to take better care of your physical body? What impact does it have on your mental or emotional state?