Brother Dunford

Spring 2022

Dating Principles for Beginners & Experts; 234a-8



Class #13 - Apr. 25, 2022
Qualities of an Eternal Marriage


Thought Question: Of all the quailities discussed in this class, which one hold special significance to you as you search for an eternal companion? Why?




Class #12 - Apr. 20, 2022
Help #3: The Absence of a No is Often a Yes


Thought Question: Share a time that you recognized that you were doing right because you knew you were not doing wrong?




Class #11 - Apr. 18, 2022
Help #2: Get off the Beach


Thought Question: Looking back on you life, do you now recognize a time you sat on the beach waiting for God to act? What would you now day to yourself if you could go back in time?




Class #10 - Apr. 13, 2022
Help #1: Trust God's Priority


Thought Question: What other gospel teachings confirm that helping you find an eternal companion is God's highest priority?




Class #9 - Apr. 11, 2022
Pitfall #10: Being Afraid to Try


Thought Question: What have helped you do a brave thing related to dating?




Class #8 - Apr. 6, 2022
Pitfall #9: Change


Thought Question: What have you learned is the sign that change is or is not happening?




Class #7 - Apr. 4, 2022
Pitfalls #7 & #8: Not Jumping in When You Should
and Not Jumping Out When You Should


Thought Question: How do you plan to recognize then you should jump in or out when you might otherwise not do so?




Class #6 - Mar. 30, 2022
Pitfall #6: Not Considering Your Needs


Thought Question: What do you now recognize might be a need? What might you need to do to find someone that meets that need?




Class #5 - Mar. 28, 2022
Pitfall #5: Mistaking Being in Love for Love


C.S. Lewis, from Mere Christianity

Thought Question: What are you going to do to prevent your heart from jumping to 6?




Class #4 - Mar. 23, 2022
Pitfall #4: Inappropriate Dating


Thought Question: Looking back, can you now reognize an inappropriate date? What made it inappropriate for that level? What could you have done differently to make that date more appropriate?




Class #3 - Mar. 21, 2022
Pitfall #3: Letting Your Heart Jump to 6


Thought Question: What are you going to do to prevent you heart from jumping to 6?




Class #2 - Mar. 16, 2022
Pitfall #2: Not Taking Time for 4


Thought Question: What difference do you now realize that taking the appropriate amount of time at 4 would make in your dating? What are some of you deal-breakers?




Class #1 - Mar. 14, 2022
Pitfall #1: Not Friendship Dating First


Thought Question: Have you seen Friendship Dating? What does it look like to you? What difference to now think Friendship Dating would make in your life?