Brother Dunford

Spring 2022

The Gospel and Mental and Emotional Health; 390ra-10



Class #13 - Apr. 25, 2022
Embrace the Darkness


Thought Question: How would your life be difference if all the pain had been removed?




Class #12 - Apr. 20, 2022
Recognize Revelation Even in the Dark


Thought Question: What do you now recognize as revelation that may have gone unnoticed before? What have you learned about revelation, even in the dark?




Class #11 - Apr. 18, 2022
You Are Not a Tare; Embrace the Wheat That You are


Thought Question: What will you do to have an Alma 29:9 moment?




Class #10 - Apr. 13, 2022
Let Him In By Choosing Hope


Thought Question: What can you do today to choose hope and let Christ in?




Class #9 - Apr. 11, 2022
Tell Your Story


Thought Question: Have you ever told your story to some who loves you? What did you learn about the healing power of telling your story?




Class #8 - Apr. 6, 2022
Doubtful Disputations


Thought Question: What do you now recognize as a doubtful disputation that has caused you guilt and pain?




Class #7 - Apr. 4, 2022
Heed Them Not; Change Your Story


Thought Question: What painful have you told yourself that needs to change? How will you change that story?




Class #6 - Mar. 30, 2022
Remove the Tares


Thought Question: Ponder what you might have let into your life as wheat that you now realize is a tare. What difference would it make to remove this tare? How might you appropriately do so?




Class #5 - Mar. 28, 2022
How God Judges


Thought Question: What difference might understanding how God judges make in your mental or emotional health?




Class #4 - Mar. 23, 2022
Grace for Grace


Thought Question: That evidence do you see that you have grown grace for grace?




Class #3 - Mar. 21, 2022
Grant Yourself a Probationary State


Thought Question: What will you say to yourself the next time you get down on yourself for not being perfect?




Class #2 - Mar. 16, 2022
Low-hanging Fruit; Part 2


Thought Question: What are the most effective low-hanging fruits in your life? Please share an example to how it has helped?




Class #1 - Mar. 14, 2022
The Soul of Man; Low-hanging Fruit; Part 1


Thought Question: How have you been able to lift your body or spirit by lifting the other? What have you learned about the connection between body and spirit?