Brother Dunford

Fall 2023

Teachings & Doctrines of the Book of Mormon; 275-ON02

Topic #1
The Savior in the Book of Mormon

Class #2
The Atonement of Christ
Part 1

What difference does it make in your life to know that the Savior claimed infinite rights of mercy and/or can snatch us for our transgressions?
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Class #3
The Atonement of Christ
Part 2

What has a "plucking," "grafting," or "placing" experience taught you about the Savior's knowledge of what you need to be saved?
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Elder Uchtdorf's red bike experience


Class #4
Choose to Have Hope

What are the greatest obstacles to having more hope?
What has helped you increase your hope?
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Class #5
Line Upon Line

What evidence do you have that you have grown grace for grace?
What does the doctrine of grace-for-grace progression teach you about you, Heavenly Father, or the Plan of Salvation?
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Class #6
Nephi & Laman: An Illustration

When have you reacted to a situation like Nephi? What was the result?
What do the experiences of Nephi and Laman teach you about this mortal life?
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