Brother Dunford

Fall 2023

Finding Power and Strength in the Symbols of the Temple; 390r-ON01


Course Overview:

I am thrilled to welcome you to the on-line version Finding Power and Strength in the Symbols of the Temple. We will take a close look at many of the symbols the Lord presents in His Holy House. We will learn how to get more out of those symbols, find the deep meaning behind them, and apply them to our lives.


Brother Bryce Dunford
801-910-1832 (cell)


Class Details:

This is an asynchronous (watch anytime you like) class. Videos will be posted once or twice a week. You may watch them at any time and in any order you like. To deepen your understanding, you are sincerely encouraged to participate and share your thoughts; though not requred to do so. Please share your own insights either (1) with Brother Dunford, (2) with the class, or (3) with someone within your own circle. To share with the class, we will use GroupMe. Sign up for GroupMe here.
Permission to offer digital classes like this are experimental. I have been asked to track who is watching. Therefore, please take a moment and join the class, here. Anyone, of any age, can join the class.




This class is a non-traditional, shortened course designed to meet the current needs of young adults. It is not intended as a for-credit class. If you would like credit for the class, please talk to Brother Dunford.