Brother Dunford

May - July 2023

Temples: Ancient & Modern; 390r-98


Course Overview:

This class is built upon the invitation from President Nelson during the October 2021 General Conference, that everyone who has made temple covenants "seek--prayerfully and consistently--to understand temple covenants and ordinances." Whether you have attended the temple or are preparing to do so, this class will explore the purpose of temples, the covenants we make within them, and how to draw closer to the Savior through a better understanding of His temples.


Brother Bryce Dunford
801-910-1832 (cell)


Class Details:

Wednesday Nights
7:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Herriman Main St. Chapel
13071 S Pioneer St. Herriman Utah 84096
May 10 - Aug 2, 2023



What to Expect:

Brother Dunford's style is mostly presentation. His goal is to cover a breadth and depth of the scriptures that you have not seen; such that you walk away from class each day saying, "I've never made that connection before!"

Participation by students is voluntary and appreciated, but not expected. You will never be called upon to speak, but if you raise your hand, your response will be welcomed and your insight valued.

This course is quite fluid. Brother Dunford will bring a suggested outline of topics to discuss, but that outline can and will be adjusted to meet the needs and desires of the class. Students are encouraged to suggest topics they would like discussed.


Ways to Participate:

Class attendance:



This class is a non-traditional, shortened course designed to meet the current needs of young adults. It is not intended as a for-credit class. If you would like credit for the class, please talk to Brother Dunford.