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The Science of Dating Class:
Avoiding 10 Significant Pitfalls

Why Get Dating Right?


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Classes in this Series:

Pitfall #1: Skipping Friendship Dating

Pitfall #2: Not Understanding the Purpose of Relationship Dating

Pitfall #3: Letting Your Heart Jump to 6

Pitfall #4: Inappropriate Dating; Part 1

Pitfall #4: Inappropriate Dating; Part 2

Pitfall #5: Love vs. Being in Love

Pitfall #6: Not Considering What You NEED

Pitfalls #7 & #8: Not Jumping In & Not Jumping Out When You Should

Pitfall #9a: Not Allowing Repentance & Change

Pitfall #9b: Not Recognizing When Change is Not Occurring

Pitfall #10: Being Afraid to Try

Trust That Heavenly Father Will Help You

The Rules of Revelation for Dating


Pitfall #1: The Dating Pyramid

If you'd like to know more about Dr. Gottman's research
here is his web site.

Pitfall #5: Love vs. Being in Love