Brother Dunford


Teachings & Doctrines of the Book of Mormon Podcast Class

Introduction to the Class


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Classes in this Series:

Class #1: The Dilemma and the Invitation

Class #2: Jesus in the Book of Mormon; Part 1

Class #3: The Atonement in the Book of Mormon

Class #4: Hope in Christ / Understanding Grace for Grace

Class #5: How to Combat the Influence of Those Seeking to Destroy Your Faith

Class #6: Avoiding Noah Blindness

Class #7: The War Chapters: Amalickiah

Class #8: The 2 Great Mistakes of the Nephites

Class #9: The Promise of the Strippling Warriors

Class #10: Helaman: A Pattern of Our Day

Class #11: Helaman: This Great Secret Combination

Class #12: Helaman: The Pride Cycle

Class #13: The Pride Cycle: Choices in Pain

Class #14: Restoring Lost Truths: The Fall; Part 1

Class #15: Restoring Lost Truths: The Fall; Part 2