Brother Dunford

Institute of Religion at the University of Utah
and at the Jordan Campus of SLCC

I grew up in the southwest corner of the Salt Lake Valley, back when there were golden wheat fields as far as the eye could see. I attended Bingham High School and graduated in 1987. After serving in the Mexico City South Mission, I received a bachelor's degree in Biology from the greatest school on Earth, the University of Utah. I later received a master's degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.

While studying biology, I was given an opportunity to teach Seminary on a part-time basis, while I worked my way through school. I jumped at the chance, fell deeply in love, and completely changed my career plans. I have now been a Seminary and Institue teacher for 28 years, in both Arizona and Utah. I have loved every assignment I've had. I am currently teaching at the Institute of Religion at the University of Utah, my Alma Mater. I am honored to be back at the school that shaped my life.

I get to office next to my dear friend, Mike Day. He and I love talking about the scriptures. Find our Come, Follow Me podcast, called Talking Scripture, here: Apple or YouTube. Or our website, here.

My wife, Jennifer, and I met because she moved into my ward while I was serving my mission. I was seated on the stand to speak after returning home when she walked in and completely took my breath away. She is the love of my life! She and I have ten wonderful children and 4 grandchildren.

Life is always a little crazy at our house. Six of our ten children still live at home and our grandchildren are frequent visitors.

In my spare time, which I don't have much of, I build and sell furniture. I also serve on the Board of Education for Jordan School Disctrict.